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I am so happy today. I feel that my blog is so famous that even the God reads it . If you have read the following blog posts, they clearly indicate my complaint about the climate in Bangalore.

And guess what, it’s been raining kittens and puppies here. Me and my friends took full advantage of it. We went to the open Cafeteria near our college canteen, and I opened my laptop, and we all started listening and singing songs.

People here say that it’s not usual to have rain during this time of the year, but hey, who cares?!?! As long as the weather is chill, you will see more and more positive blog posts on my website ;)

Resting in PIECES!!!

With the past few days being very tiring in college, after coming home, I have not been nudging from the corner of my bed.

Though only I have to be blamed for tiring myself, but what to do? Forget Tuesdays and Wednesdays, when I have my labs, but the other days, I get lured by seeing my friends playing Cricket, and spring into action as if I have been coiled (like a spring of course) for a long time, and now it’s my time to BOING!!! Surprisingly, I have improved in Cricket, both batting and bowling.

I thought only I was the one in the lot who was feeling tired so much by doing less work, but few of my friends, whom I don’t wish to name (else the next 3-4 years would be very risky for me) are also suffering the same


I don’t know what the days in future have in stock for me, but one thing is for sure, with the mercury rising steadily in Bangalore, I am sure to get more and more tired than ever before.

That’s it for my bio-update :P , signing off…

Organized Chaos

From Pragith :-

Upon begging and pleading (and a treat at Ragham’s Bakery) by one of the framer of this utter crap, I posted this on my blog.

The following data is the sole responsibility of few “jobless” people in our class, who are showing the glimpses of their talent which they might be compiling and executing in their later stages of life.
I hereby write on the concrete box of WordPress’s Blog Post, that I cannot be held responsible for the use of words below and don’t contact me for the same. The typos are intentional and don’t conclude that my friends are illiterate in the Indo-European language called English.
The rules were broken within few hours of their making. So, now you know how determined we are.

From “Organized Chaos” :-

To all our classmates,

The Terms & Conditions & the Rules & Regulations to be implemented by yourselves, for yourselves, of yourselves & to yourselves!
This memorandum was framed, amended, created by the committee comprising of the following members, Kaushik, Harsh, Amogh, Jugal, Mallya & Sagar. The committee is been monopolised by the name, “Organized Chaos”.
We were pequited & puckered into this mission after lending our hearing devices to our legal advisor, Vineeth. He actually kicked the bucket present in our minds which resulted in the extravagant flow of franchising thoughts.
This transgressed a tedious strife which petrified our thoughts & infringed us to realize that we were megranimous fools till then! Continue reading

Buh-Bye 1st Semester!

Whew! 1st hurdle towards my engineering degree crossed. Well, actually, results are yet to be announced though. :P Computer Aided Engineering Drawing (CAED) was the last exam.

Next semester is starting from 4th February.