10 New Year Resolutions for the PC Industry

Happy New Years folks and that means it’s time for New Years resolutions. We have some suggested resolutions for the PC Industry that will help them…and us!

#1 To the PC Makers: Stop pre-loading shareware. Nothing is more annoying than getting a new PC loaded with “trial versions” of programs. Just stop it.
#2 To Microsoft: Get Service Pack 1 for Windows Vista out there ASAP and make sure IE 7 doesn’t hang anymore for no apparent reason.
#3 To Apple: Get that 3G iPhone out the door sooner rather than later. GPS on it would be nice too.
#4 To the RIAA: Just stop it. I mean, seriously, just stop.
#5 To Jack Thompson: Get a new hobby. Better yet, get a life. In a world in which one can’t escape “The Girls Next Door” on TV are video games really a threat? or is something people enjoy, since they can even go online and trade skins in csgo
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New Life Started!

My college life started on 3rd September. College is superb, teachers are cool, and got some friends.
I am studying B.E. in I.S. (also known as I.T.) in CMRIT, Bangalore

Other updates are as follows :-

> I saw the complete series of the famous British Skit (lead role by Rowan Atkinson) named Blackadder. Simply superb, I am addicted to it, its the height of sarcastic comedy.

> Got a laptop, Dell VOSTRO 1400 N-Series, for college works from college.

> Playing Halo a lot, have to stop it now, my internal exams are near. New life, New theme.

Certified “Certification Maniac”

Yes, that’s what I have been in the past few days. I have been giving online exams(free) and earning certificates. BrainBench doesn’t give the certificates, so I only have my score. Here they are :-

1) Cambridge Certified Linux Administrator –
Please follow this link for higher resolution of the certificate

(You might have to refresh your page if the above link gives any sort of error)

2) BrainBench Certifications :-
>> Master of Computer Literacy (Windows XP)
>> Master of Fundamentals (Windows XP)
>> Participation for Information Technology Terminologies Exam
>> Participation for Information Technology Terminologies Exam
>> Participation for Information Technology Terminologies Exam



Click here for my BrainBench Transcript aka Profile. My scores are also in this page.

Yes, I can still blog!

Whew!!! Blogging after a long time (yes, that’s fairly visible). There are many things I have to write about.

1) I (along with my family) have shifted to Bangalore from New Delhi. Things are being shifted in installments.

2) Currently, I am in Chennai with my grandparents and my uncles, who have come from Bahrain. They got me a Zune as my birthday(25th June) gift. I had an option to choose between iPod Video 80gb and Zune, but after much of “comparison”, I chose Zune. After all, it is class apart and will separate me from the public.

3) I have learnt the basics of PHP (via a CBT). And learnt the basics of Linux (via a CBT).

4) Practicing Ubuntu (A linux distribution). It really rocks. I would encourage my readers to go ahead and choose Ubuntu as you operating system if you want to switch to Linux.

5) Scored 465 points in HackThisSite.org. A huge achievement for me indeed, especially for not having much programming background.