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– Twitter
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– College
– Hairstyle
– Naruto
– IBM’s The Great Mind Challenge (TGMC)
– Mozilla Campus Representative

I’m back on Twitter, thanks to TweetDeck! It’s an Adobe AIR application, which helps you to post on multiple Twitter accounts, and Facebook account.

Catch me on Twitter :-

And that brings us to Facebook. I must confess that I was very much intimidated with it’s interface long back, and hence had de-activated my account. But, TweetDeck helped me overcome this, and now, I’m even more “social” (though I still loathe the stupid quizzes). Few of my school & college friends have also joined Facebook, and are using their “REAL” names (unlike Orkut).

And that brings us to College. I’m currently in the middle of 5th semester, and expecting the main exams to get over by 24th December 2009. Also hoping for Campus Placements this semester or the next one. I might carry on with my current hairstyle for the interviews too.

And that brings us to Hairstyle. I’ve not trimmed my hair since mid of July, and I prefer to keep the reasons for the same with myself.

Update : Got a haircut

No, that doesn’t lead us to CCNA, but I’m going to talk about it anyway.
I started studying for CCNA a couple of weeks ago. I’ve finished ICND 1, and half-way through ICND 2. It’s really really interesting and I created my own lab with 2 Routers and 1 Cloud.

I’ve configured “Akatsuki” router properly, and it can connect/ping/traceroute to Internet. I used Microsoft’s LoopBack adapter and shared the Internet connection from the Wireless LAN.

Here is the layout :


You might have noticed weird names for the routers, and that brings us to the next topic, Naruto.
I’m currently hooked onto an Anime (“cartoon” for those people who don’t understand and don’t want to understand different forms of cartoons) named “Naruto”. I started with Anime, and I liked it so much that I even started reading it’s Manga (“comic” in Japanese).

I’m also engaged in a project making competition organized by IBM known as The Great Mind Challenge (TGMC). It’s mainly a Java based project, which involves Project Planning, Modeling, Coding and Documenting the software. Me, along with 3 of my classmates, are doing Online Library Management System under the team name – BlueShadow (cool haan?)

And the last topic for this post. My friend Vikram introduced me to “Mozilla Campus Representative” program from Mozilla (duh!). It’s about promoting and bringing awareness about “The Open Web” and “Firefox” in your college. How do we do that?

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Well, Mozilla gives us something known as a “Swag Pack”, which is better explained here ->

So, that’s the end of my 1st ever, fully linked, highly educative update. See ya after an year or so. I’m so damn tired!
(Psst…Try to decrypt the title of this blog post ;)


Organized Chaos

From Pragith :-

Upon begging and pleading (and a treat at Ragham’s Bakery) by one of the framer of this utter crap, I posted this on my blog.

The following data is the sole responsibility of few “jobless” people in our class, who are showing the glimpses of their talent which they might be compiling and executing in their later stages of life.
I hereby write on the concrete box of WordPress’s Blog Post, that I cannot be held responsible for the use of words below and don’t contact me for the same. The typos are intentional and don’t conclude that my friends are illiterate in the Indo-European language called English.
The rules were broken within few hours of their making. So, now you know how determined we are.

From “Organized Chaos” :-

To all our classmates,

The Terms & Conditions & the Rules & Regulations to be implemented by yourselves, for yourselves, of yourselves & to yourselves!
This memorandum was framed, amended, created by the committee comprising of the following members, Kaushik, Harsh, Amogh, Jugal, Mallya & Sagar. The committee is been monopolised by the name, “Organized Chaos”.
We were pequited & puckered into this mission after lending our hearing devices to our legal advisor, Vineeth. He actually kicked the bucket present in our minds which resulted in the extravagant flow of franchising thoughts.
This transgressed a tedious strife which petrified our thoughts & infringed us to realize that we were megranimous fools till then! … 


10 New Year Resolutions for the PC Industry

Happy New Years folks and that means it’s time for New Years resolutions. We have some suggested resolutions for the PC Industry that will help them…and us!

#1 To the PC Makers: Stop pre-loading shareware. Nothing is more annoying than getting a new PC loaded with “trial versions” of programs. Just stop it.
#2 To Microsoft: Get Service Pack 1 for Windows Vista out there ASAP and make sure IE 7 doesn’t hang anymore for no apparent reason.
#3 To Apple: Get that 3G iPhone out the door sooner rather than later. GPS on it would be nice too.
#4 To the RIAA: Just stop it. I mean, seriously, just stop.
#5 To Jack Thompson: Get a new hobby. Better yet, get a life. In a world in which one can’t escape “The Girls Next Door” on TV are video games really a threat? or is something people enjoy, since they can even go online and trade skins in csgo