Fruits of blogging!

Today I received Grand Theft Auto IV for Playstation 3 from Mumbai purchased via eBay. It costed me $61 and I paid from the earnings of the reviews in my blog. Quite happy and especially because this was my costliest purchase and I desperately wanted it for a long time.

You are a loser on Internet when…

You know that you are a loser on Internet when… 1.You don’t know how to write in proper English. You use “ma” instead of “my”, “watevea” instead of “whatever” or “heLLo” instead of “Hello”. You put extra letters to a word. For example; “LiFE3” in lieu of “Life”. You prefer to use sms language on […]

Buh-Bye 1st Semester!

Whew! 1st hurdle towards my engineering degree crossed. Well, actually, results are yet to be announced though. :P Computer Aided Engineering Drawing (CAED) was the last exam. Next semester is starting from 4th February.