Chadta Suraj – A Qawali

It is the most B-E-A-Utiful Qawali I have ever heard. It clearly tells the truth of life and human attitude.

You can download the qawali by clicking here


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This is very sensative qawali for Human life.

its not a Qawali it is a real truth of human life…thanxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx for provide downloading facilities.

It is one of the most remarkable Qawalis. It tells us Philosophy of human life and also aware us about the real Truth of human life.

thanks for the download link…. it is def. the best qawali i have ever heard.. even jhoom barabar from the same artist is awesome, but this one is in a league of its own. thanks again,,,………

one of da most awaitinng qawali of its kind….no words…

its an awesomw qwali….no words…

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