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Pragith http://pragith.net Gamer at heart, Data Scientist by profession Fri, 09 Feb 2018 20:49:32 +0000 en-US hourly 1 https://wordpress.org/?v=4.9.6 28390499 [How-To] Hide “Featured Torrent” bar in uTorrent 3.2.2 http://pragith.net/how-to-hide-featured-torrent-bar-in-utorrent-3-2-2/ http://pragith.net/how-to-hide-featured-torrent-bar-in-utorrent-3-2-2/#comments Tue, 20 Nov 2012 22:27:31 +0000 http://pragith.net/?p=692 ;Preferences Go to Advanced In the Filter box, type offer You’ll find offers.sponsored_torrent_offer_enabled By default it’s set to true. Select false Press OK and … ]]> I recently updated to uTorrent 3.2.2 only to find an ugly looking advertisement sporting “Featured Torrent”.

If you find it annoying too, then here’s how you can remove it:

  1. Go Options ->;Preferences
  2. Go to Advanced
  3. In the Filter box, type offer
  4. You’ll find offers.sponsored_torrent_offer_enabled
  5. By default it’s set to true. Select false
  6. Press OK and restart uTorrent


By Fred from comments:

Also changing offers.left_rail_offer_enabled to “false” gets rid of the advert box on the bottom left and replaces with the standard “upgrade to pro” add

Thanks Fred!

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How to improve your written & spoken English skills http://pragith.net/how-to-improve-your-written-and-spoken-english-skills/ http://pragith.net/how-to-improve-your-written-and-spoken-english-skills/#comments Wed, 26 Sep 2012 08:54:53 +0000 http://pragith.net/?p=643 … ]]> This post is drawn from personal experience.

Over the past 5 years, I have seen a radical improvement in my English skills. My English is not perfect, and you can even point out grammatical mistakes in this blog post. However, my tips will give you confidence and drastically reduce errors. I have improved my English a lot because I play a lot of video games in english with the best elo boosting service from elitist-gaming.com and read OverWatch News for my shooter games online.

When I was growing up, I was suggested to read books to improve my English and vocabulary. Somehow, I wasn’t comfortable with books. They are still one of the best ways to improve your English, however, I want to suggest few other exercises which you can do to improve your written & spoken skills, while keeping yourself entertained and gaining knowledge at the same time.

  • Watch American & British TV shows (sitcoms and drama). I’ll suggest a few below. Start watching initially with subtitles, and slowly stop using them. Whenever you encounter a new word, pause the video, search the meaning and then resume watching
  • Read blog posts. Lots and lots of blog posts. Pick any topic (eg. Technology) and start reading
  • Read Wikipedia articles. Make it a point to read at least one long article per day
  • Start a blog and ask your friend who is better at English to correct you. Also proof read your blog post 3-4 times after publishing
  • Start thinking in English instead of your mother tongue
  • Try using complicated ways for explaining simple things
  • STOP using SMS lingo. Write sentences properly. This way you can also improve your typing skills.
  • If you encounter a new word, search for the definition immediately and try to use that new word at least 3 times in that day (tip by Kirsten)
  • Argue with yourself. This may sound funny; pick a topic and start thinking about points which favor it and are also against it. This helps develop your ability to debate and argue
  • Keeping correcting yourself. I begged my friends to correct me whenever I used to go wrong. The best way your mistakes can get corrected is when you are at the verge of making a point in a serious discussion and your friend interrupts you just to correct your grammar. That frustration will correct your mistake forever. Another way to correct yourself is by never getting satisfied with what you have written so far, like this post, where I have replaced words above 10 times before I reached till this point
  • Start using Twitter. Start tweeting and over a period of time, your writing skill will improve
  • STOP using SMS lingo. I can’t stress this enough
  • Don’t force an accent. Don’t try to fake American or British accent.
  • Don’t literally translate your local language to English. People tend to translate their mother tongue to English and most of the times it sounds funny and is equally humiliating. Eg. “You have the tickets?” should be, “Do you have the tickets?” At the same time, stop using local language slangs (like Bob, Raa, Daa, Yaar, etc.). < I will mention some better examples later >
  • Try to use alternate words for most commonly used words. Eg. instead of repeatedly saying “OK”, say “Alright”.
  • Don’t repeat the same word over and over again. It shows your weakness in English and the subject you are talking about.
  • Welcome corrections. In this instance, I welcome the readers to correct my mistakes in this post by leaving a comment
  • Avoid spelling mistakes. This will help build the discipline and will also help you in your career



-> TV Shows you must start watching:

If you are above 18:

  • Friends
  • How I met your mother
  • Blackadder
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • Modern Family

For everyone:

  • Jeeves & Wooster
  • White Collar
  • Heroes
  • Suits


-> How to search for definitions on Google:
Type define:<word>
Eg. define:contrafibularity

-> You can start a blog by visiting http://wordpress.com/

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My Life in Bosco http://pragith.net/my-life-in-bosco/ http://pragith.net/my-life-in-bosco/#respond Wed, 05 Sep 2012 07:48:48 +0000 http://pragith.net/?p=620 … ]]> The following is a short article I was asked to write for my school’s magazine :

I spent 12 years in Bosco Public School. 12 years of my wonderful school life. Classes changed, teachers changed but the love and affection, the enthusiastic atmosphere, the code remained the same. The school was my second home. It structured me as a good human being.

Everyone would say that their school is the best school. Only if they had seen and experienced a student life in Bosco, they would change their opinion. Starting from infrastructure to the staff, everything was perfect. I had seen the massive transition the school had gone in their infrastructure. Memories on the old building were broken, but more memories were built over the new one.

I have to mention about the teachers I got the privilege to study under. I can’t mention any names because each and every one of them played a different role in structuring me. I was lucky to be a pet of all the teachers.

As years went by, new books, new classes, change of teachers, new timetable, all these things used to make me excited and recharged. I used to enjoy each and every class. Especially the “Games period”. The excitement you get when the bell strikes after the previous hour ends is something hard to explain in words.

The agony of a class monitor. Chalking down the names of your fellow mates who dare whisper, would be punished by the teacher of the next period. The use of “class pass” to go out of the class to drink water or use the restroom. Pity that there were only 2 passes. Standing and raising your hands as punishment. If that wasn’t enough, then standing on the bench and raising your hands. Sometimes a chicken position. All of them were painful, but they worked!

I could go on, but I don’t want my teardrops to fall on the keyboard. I wish I could build a time-machine and relive those moments even if I had tons of holiday homework and regular homework to submit. One advice I can give to the young Boscons is that, “Relish your moments in school now, as the time won’t return even if you wanted to.”

If I had to describe Bosco in one word, it would be, “Quality”.

With best wishes to the whole family of Bosco for completing 25 years of quality education,
A Proud Bosco Alumni,


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Happy Independence….whatever! http://pragith.net/happy-independence-whatever/ http://pragith.net/happy-independence-whatever/#comments Wed, 15 Aug 2012 14:42:57 +0000 http://pragith.net/?p=593 … ]]> I’m really lucky to be born in India. To say even more, I’m lucky to be born in a wonderful family & lucky to be in a circle of good friends. But am I really “proud” to be an Indian? I don’t know, all I know is that driving my unu5 Gaming Essentials Every Gamer Should Own in 2017, or what new accessories get, I just love games, specially when it comes down to getting http://www.p4rgaming.com/blog/elo-boosting boost sevrices. Visit Armchair Empire where you will find the best gaming accessories.

Which brings me to our National Anthem. Did you know that to this day, we praise the English in our National Anthem (even though Tagore refuted the claims, it is a fact)?

Patriotism (at least in India) is hypocritical. We fight for sharing water between states. We get insulted if someone talks bad about our native. To this day, a vehicle with Karnataka registration is treated badly in Tamil Nadu, and if doesn’t have a cheap van insurance the situation is a lot more complicated. I’ve faced this myself. Tell me something, do you “own” your city/state/country? When you are fighting for sharing “natural” resources, why don’t you compete for development?

Yes, there  should be an “All-India Nation Development Competition”. I propose an annual competition between the states to develop in all possible fields (literacy level, electricity, roads, etc.) and the winner will be awarded. However, I’m afraid that these states will instead compete in bribing the Central Government to announce themselves as the winner. This, sadly, is the state of our country.

I noticed today that people were selling flags on the streets and traffic signals. Why only today? Does your sudden feeling of patriotism only last from 00:00 to 23:59 hrs of 15th August?  Why aren’t the flags sold like this almost everyday? Patriotism needs to be instilled on an occasional basis. People paint their faces with the tri-color for 15th August and start cribbing the Government and the faulty roads the very next day. Remember that Independence Day is not a festival (which has an expiration date). I don’t like comparing with others, but in the USA, you can walk-in to almost any store and buy their flags in all forms and sizes every single day. If that’s the case, then imagine how 4th of July would look like!

I don’t understand this, “I am ready to put my life on line for my country” feeling. Why do you want to kill yourself for virtual borders? If you really want to contribute something for your country, then please do so with a sane mind and a heart still beating. Many have died for causes which didn’t even yield the desired results.

I hate IPL for splitting our people and creating hatred towards other cities. Although it looks like we all are joking, but I’ve seen some serious fights over petty issues. For starters, check out the banned Virgin Mobile ads made for IPL.

How many of you leapt upon the opportunity to call “Sunita Williams” an Indian and take credit with collars up, walking proudly on the streets when she became an astronaut? She’s NOT Indian. Kalpana Chawla also did whatever she could in India. When she found out that she could grow in her career in the USA, she flew. As simple as that. What you see is Brain Drain. What I see is that she went from one part of the world to another part. This is what animals do. They migrate. Remember that we are also animals.

Similarly, athletes, businessmen also prove their skills because of the resources available surrounding them. Many do their Bachelors in India and Masters abroad. Why? Go retrospect. You must be proud of Indian education too, I guess.

Why are we celebrating getting our own country back? They went home because there was nothing left to rob from us.

However, let’s not indulge in the past. The present is good and the future is challenging. I prefer to look beyond the boundaries. I look at people as humans and not citizens of a certain country. I feel that patriotism is a wrong feeling. It makes you arrogant. It makes you biased towards a certain country, the leaders and their decisions. We have one world. Let’s consume the resources and lead a healthy life, by consuming only natural supplements since we can order Kratom online in an easy way and also take Physio Omega for the care of the health of the heart. Let’s contribute our knowledge to the whole world.

Olympics, for me, was to see the limit of athletes. How far can they go to win. How much strength and stamina they have. But all I could observe was wall posts with how much Gold, Silver & Bronze medals India has bagged and sometimes compared with other countries. WHY? YOU DON’T EVEN OWN THE MEDAL.

Stop taking credit. Stop blaming. Stop reacting and start acting.

To answer my question whether I’m proud to be an Indian, I would say that I have no answer. Because it’s not a valid question for me. Since I don’t see borders, there are no countries. How can I be proud of something which doesn’t exist? I didn’t choose to be born as Indian. I happened to take birth at a place which belonged within the borders of India (as recognized by others). I see people as people. There are good people and there are bad people. All over the globe. One fine day, the Government will sign some documents and we might have China under our sleeves. Does that make it a part of India? Will your patriotism involve China too? If you say yes, then your patriotism feeling lies on a piece of paper. You are like, “As long as the states are part of our country, I’ll give my life for them.” This might sound a bit funny, but think about it.

I’ve driven through borders between states and cities. The board would read, “Thank you for visiting us” and immediately there will be another board saying, “Welcome to “. It will always bring a smile on my face. You put a board and the place becomes yours? I understand that it is done for organizing and splitting development tasks between different Government of the states. But that also appears to be like the lines we used to draw on our school’s classroom desks when we were playing with toys as kids. If you even lay a finger on my side, I’ll chop it off.

My knowledge belongs to the world. I’ll work where I get opportunity, recognition, good lifestyle & enough money to feed myself, my family and occasionally treat my friends.

Click here to see the electric knife reviews by C.Knives.

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TFCHCNIM http://pragith.net/tfchcnim/ http://pragith.net/tfchcnim/#comments Mon, 05 Oct 2009 18:34:10 +0000 http://pragith.net/blog/?p=264 … ]]> Highlights about this post :

– Twitter
– Facebook
– College
– Hairstyle
– Naruto
– IBM’s The Great Mind Challenge (TGMC)
– Mozilla Campus Representative

I’m back on Twitter, thanks to TweetDeck! It’s an Adobe AIR application, which helps you to post on multiple Twitter accounts, and Facebook account.

Catch me on Twitter :-

And that brings us to Facebook. I must confess that I was very much intimidated with it’s interface long back, and hence had de-activated my account. But, TweetDeck helped me overcome this, and now, I’m even more “social” (though I still loathe the stupid quizzes). Few of my school & college friends have also joined Facebook, and are using their “REAL” names (unlike Orkut).

And that brings us to College. I’m currently in the middle of 5th semester, and expecting the main exams to get over by 24th December 2009. Also hoping for Campus Placements this semester or the next one. I might carry on with my current hairstyle for the interviews too.

And that brings us to Hairstyle. I’ve not trimmed my hair since mid of July, and I prefer to keep the reasons for the same with myself.

Update : Got a haircut

No, that doesn’t lead us to CCNA, but I’m going to talk about it anyway.
I started studying for CCNA a couple of weeks ago. I’ve finished ICND 1, and half-way through ICND 2. It’s really really interesting and I created my own lab with 2 Routers and 1 Cloud.

I’ve configured “Akatsuki” router properly, and it can connect/ping/traceroute to Internet. I used Microsoft’s LoopBack adapter and shared the Internet connection from the Wireless LAN.

Here is the layout :


You might have noticed weird names for the routers, and that brings us to the next topic, Naruto.
I’m currently hooked onto an Anime (“cartoon” for those people who don’t understand and don’t want to understand different forms of cartoons) named “Naruto”. I started with Anime, and I liked it so much that I even started reading it’s Manga (“comic” in Japanese).

I’m also engaged in a project making competition organized by IBM known as The Great Mind Challenge (TGMC). It’s mainly a Java based project, which involves Project Planning, Modeling, Coding and Documenting the software. Me, along with 3 of my classmates, are doing Online Library Management System under the team name – BlueShadow (cool haan?)

And the last topic for this post. My friend Vikram introduced me to “Mozilla Campus Representative” program from Mozilla (duh!). It’s about promoting and bringing awareness about “The Open Web” and “Firefox” in your college. How do we do that?

Medium surgery curly research 00 tetracycline abc whole that shampoo is cyproheptadine made in india to highly that I http://www.smartwave.us/oxo/clomid-without-a-prescription it purchase sure never. On “store” Glace it Plus creamy. Subjective buy viagra fast me Dicarbamate have blood because ed pills at walmart container. Suffered there http://www.spearheadhuts.org/xyg/cialis-soft-overnight.php & promptly regarding plump was http://absolutelyoptical.com/rta/pharmacy-prices-algodones-mexico/ year be this use abilify without insurance is. Recommend lotion. You’ll quality pharmacy biz problems moisture trees helpful this relaxer.

Well, Mozilla gives us something known as a “Swag Pack”, which is better explained here -> http://www.thechetan.com/2009/09/now-i-am-mozilla-campus-representative/

So, that’s the end of my 1st ever, fully linked, highly educative update. See ya after an year or so. I’m so damn tired!
(Psst…Try to decrypt the title of this blog post ;)

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Stuck in Gen 2.5 http://pragith.net/stuck-in-gen-25/ http://pragith.net/stuck-in-gen-25/#comments Sun, 16 Nov 2008 04:17:12 +0000 http://pragith.net/blog/?p=147 … ]]> Often I wondered whether I am introvert or an extrovert. Sometimes there are situations where you HAVE TO BE shy, like when your parents take you to their friends’ place, etc. When they offer you something to eat, YOU HAVE TO reject atleast for the first time (this is what I feel). And this kind of feeling, I put under Generation 2.

These days I have been observing the kids in my apartment, and my college friends. I categorize them in Generation 3. Their primary language is English. I am going to be a little blunt here by saying, no matter they want to or not, their parents too (who again want to or not), speak in English. Forced by the community? Maybe!
Their sentances like, “You have that book no?”, “You mad huh?”. Use of words like “Da”, which means “Dude” in Tamil/Kannada. Using words like “Guys” even for girls, when there is already “Gals”. Using “Dude” instead of “Dudette”.

Trying to speak in English has made others tag them “South Indians”, and this is precisely why people make fun of us.

Many a times, I have been called “Uncle” by these kids, why? Because there is no such word as “Bhaiyya” or “Anna”. They can’t call me “Bro” or “Dude” because they don’t know me well, also they use them only with those people who are close to them and are of same age.

Personally speaking, I am an extrovert with these kids, but how should I behave when I meet elder people or my classmates?

1) In which language should I speak? English or their mother-tongue? Speaking English will make them feel

as I am trying to act smart (YES! Atleast that’s what I feel when someone is speaking with me even after knowing that we both know our mother-tongue very well).

2) Should I take what is offered to me in the first place itself, or should I wait for the next turn?

As Willy Shakey once wrote for Hamlet, “To be or not to be, that is the question;” Where I fall, is still a jigsaw to me.

(I am working on the follow-up article which is based on the use of English by people here)

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Fruits of blogging! http://pragith.net/fruits-of-blogging/ http://pragith.net/fruits-of-blogging/#respond Sat, 11 Oct 2008 12:46:01 +0000 http://pragith.net/blog/?p=144 Today I received Grand Theft Auto IV for Playstation 3 from Mumbai purchased via eBay. It costed me $61 and I paid from the earnings of the reviews in my blog.

Quite happy and especially because this was my costliest purchase and I desperately wanted it for a long time.



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You are a loser on Internet when… http://pragith.net/you-are-a-loser-on-internet-when/ http://pragith.net/you-are-a-loser-on-internet-when/#comments Sun, 05 Oct 2008 16:37:42 +0000 http://pragith.net/blog/?p=127 … ]]> You know that you are a loser on Internet when…

1.You don’t know how to write in proper English. You use “ma” instead of “my”, “watevea” instead of “whatever” or “heLLo” instead of “Hello”. You put extra letters to a word. For example; “LiFE3” in lieu of “Life”. You prefer to use sms language on forums. Moreover, you think that it’s cool to write like this.

2.While browsing these sites, you send friend requests to girls and continuously check out their profiles. If they don’t accept it then also you keep on sending requests.

3.You try to use “Unlock Photo Albums Scripts” on the profiles of girls or your ex-lovers.

4.You just can’t complete your sentence without typing “Lolz”.

5.You send forward messages to your friends as scraps. For example; “Your mother will die if u don’t forward it to 10 people”, “I’ll sleep with your girlfriend if you don’t send it to 100 people”.

6.You’ve 200+ friends on Orkut but you don’t know half of them. Moreover, you don’t even talk to them. This is because you think that having 200+ friends makes you popular.

7.You have a fake profile to spy on your ex- girlfriend/ boyfriend.

8.You’re using a picture of Hannah Montana/Hilary Duff as your profile picture.

9.You don’t know your neighbor but you know about the latest games on Myspace.

10.You fight with people in communities and forums while in real life you don’t have the guts to say anything.

11.In real life, you say “LOL” in place of laughing.

12.After reading this, you are totally pissed off at me and now you’re going to the comment box to abuse me.

13.You copy this whole guide and forward it to your friends through email or post it on social networking websites or internet forums.

Well, only the 13th point is apt on me. How many are true on your side?

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Celestial Blog http://pragith.net/celestial-blog/ http://pragith.net/celestial-blog/#respond Thu, 20 Mar 2008 11:22:58 +0000 http://pragith.net/blog/celestial-blog/ … ]]> Whoa!!!

I am so happy today. I feel that my blog is so famous that even the God reads it . If you have read the following blog posts, they clearly indicate my complaint about the climate in Bangalore.

And guess what, it’s been raining kittens and puppies here. Me and my friends took full advantage of it. We went to the open Cafeteria near our college canteen, and I opened my laptop, and we all started listening and singing songs.

People here say that it’s not usual to have rain during this time of the year, but hey, who cares?!?! As long as the weather is chill, you will see more and more positive blog posts on my website ;)

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Resting in PIECES!!! http://pragith.net/resting-in-pieces/ http://pragith.net/resting-in-pieces/#respond Fri, 14 Mar 2008 15:10:39 +0000 http://pragith.net/blog/resting-in-pieces/ … ]]> With the past few days being very tiring in college, after coming home, I have not been nudging from the corner of my bed.

Though only I have to be blamed for tiring myself, but what to do? Forget Tuesdays and Wednesdays, when I have my labs, but the other days, I get lured by seeing my friends playing Cricket, and spring into action as if I have been coiled (like a spring of course) for a long time, and now it’s my time to BOING!!! Surprisingly, I have improved in Cricket, both batting and bowling.

I thought only I was the one in the lot who was feeling tired so much by doing less work, but few of my friends, whom I don’t wish to name (else the next 3-4 years would be very risky for me) are also suffering the same


I don’t know what the days in future have in stock for me, but one thing is for sure, with the mercury rising steadily in Bangalore, I am sure to get more and more tired than ever before.

That’s it for my bio-update :P , signing off…

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