The following is a short article I was asked to write for my school’s magazine :

I spent 12 years in Bosco Public School. 12 years of my wonderful school life. Classes changed, teachers changed but the love and affection, the enthusiastic atmosphere, the code remained the same. The school was my second home. It structured me as a good human being.

Everyone would say that their school is the best school. Only if they had seen and experienced a student life in Bosco, they would change their opinion. Starting from infrastructure to the staff, everything was perfect. I had seen the massive transition the school had gone in their infrastructure. Memories on the old building were broken, but more memories were built over the new one.

I have to mention about the teachers I got the privilege to study under. I can’t mention any names because each and every one of them played a different role in structuring me. I was lucky to be a pet of all the teachers.

As years went by, new books, new classes, change of teachers, new timetable, all these things used to make me excited and recharged. I used to enjoy each and every class. Especially the “Games period”. The excitement you get when the bell strikes after the previous hour ends is something hard to explain in words.

The agony of a class monitor. Chalking down the names of your fellow mates who dare whisper, would be punished by the teacher of the next period. The use of “class pass” to go out of the class to drink water or use the restroom. Pity that there were only 2 passes. Standing and raising your hands as punishment. If that wasn’t enough, then standing on the bench and raising your hands. Sometimes a chicken position. All of them were painful, but they worked!

I could go on, but I don’t want my teardrops to fall on the keyboard. I wish I could build a time-machine and relive those moments even if I had tons of holiday homework and regular homework to submit. One advice I can give to the young Boscons is that, “Relish your moments in school now, as the time won’t return even if you wanted to.”

If I had to describe Bosco in one word, it would be, “Quality”.

With best wishes to the whole family of Bosco for completing 25 years of quality education, A Proud Bosco Alumni,