Whew!!! Blogging after a long time (yes, that’s fairly visible). There are many things I have to write about.

1) I (along with my family) have shifted to Bangalore from New Delhi. Things are being shifted in installments.

2) Currently, I am in Chennai with my grandparents and my uncles, who have come from Bahrain. They got me a Zune as my birthday(25th June) gift. I had an option to choose between iPod Video 80gb and Zune, but after much of “comparison”, I chose Zune. After all, it is class apart and will separate me from the public.

3) I have learnt the basics of PHP (via a CBT). And learnt the basics of Linux (via a CBT).

4) Practicing Ubuntu (A linux distribution). It really rocks. I would encourage my readers to go ahead and choose Ubuntu as you operating system if you want to switch to Linux.

5) Scored 465 points in HackThisSite.org. A huge achievement for me indeed, especially for not having much programming background.