You know that you are a loser on Internet when...

1.You don’t know how to write in proper English. You use “ma” instead of “my”, “watevea” instead of “whatever” or “heLLo” instead of “Hello”. You put extra letters to a word. For example; “LiFE3” in lieu of “Life”. You prefer to use sms language on forums. Moreover, you think that it’s cool to write like this.

2.While browsing these sites, you send friend requests to girls and continuously check out their profiles. If they don’t accept it then also you keep on sending requests.

3.You try to use “Unlock Photo Albums Scripts” on the profiles of girls or your ex-lovers.

4.You just can’t complete your sentence without typing “Lolz”.

5.You send forward messages to your friends as scraps. For example; “Your mother will die if u don’t forward it to 10 people”, “I’ll sleep with your girlfriend if you don’t send it to 100 people”.

6.You’ve 200+ friends on Orkut but you don’t know half of them. Moreover, you don’t even talk to them. This is because you think that having 200+ friends makes you popular.

7.You have a fake profile to spy on your ex- girlfriend/ boyfriend.

8.You’re using a picture of Hannah Montana/Hilary Duff as your profile picture.

9.You don’t know your neighbor but you know about the latest games on Myspace.

10.You fight with people in communities and forums while in real life you don’t have the guts to say anything.

11.In real life, you say “LOL” in place of laughing.

12.After reading this, you are totally pissed off at me and now you’re going to the comment box to abuse me.

13.You copy this whole guide and forward it to your friends through email or post it on social networking websites or internet forums.

Well, only the 13th point is apt on me. How many are true on your side?