From Pragith :-

Upon begging and pleading (and a treat at Ragham's Bakery) by one of the framer of this utter crap, I posted this on my blog.

The following data is the sole responsibility of few "jobless" people in our class, who are showing the glimpses of their talent which they might be compiling and executing in their later stages of life.
I hereby write on the concrete box of Wordpress's Blog Post, that I cannot be held responsible for the use of words below and don't contact me for the same. The typos are intentional and don't conclude that my friends are illiterate in the Indo-European language called English.
The rules were broken within few hours of their making. So, now you know how determined we are.

From "Organized Chaos" :-

To all our classmates,

The Terms & Conditions & the Rules & Regulations to be implemented by yourselves, for yourselves, of yourselves & to yourselves!
This memorandum was framed, amended, created by the committee comprising of the following members, Kaushik, Harsh, Amogh, Jugal, Mallya & Sagar. The committee is been monopolised by the name, "Organized Chaos".
We were pequited & puckered into this mission after lending our hearing devices to our legal advisor, Vineeth. He actually kicked the bucket present in our minds which resulted in the extravagant flow of franchising thoughts.
This transgressed a tedious strife which petrified our thoughts & infringed us to realize that we were megranimous fools till then!
These set of parametric instulations are being empowered on each one of us, just for the sake of intense immunology which shall be gratified on the perspective of exploring yourselves which is being curtailed by an Orthographic illusion which is being projected on certain basis.
This involves the mutual co-ordination between the inner soul & the outer mind.

The Rules:-

The abolition of THUMBS UP!!
This game called Thumbs Up was usually played by the warriors of Great great Kings. This game used to judge one's abilities & capabilities in the war field.
The game involves a very insane mannerism. During the Early ages, this game was played in the Collosseum in Rome. A person's strength & vigour was calculated. The loser was treated to be a jackass!

This game was very well played & practiced by our classmates systematically, dedicatedly, day in and day out. Due to the late realization that this was abolished by the late prime minister of Phillipines, our classmates were forced to stop the game & confine themselves within the disciplinary measures taken by the administration.

The End of Coupling!
The capacitance of a capacitor is increased by the introduction of a dielectric between the plates. Similarly, we the members of "Organized Chaos" decided to burn the midnight oil & revolutionize….
The point is, no more pairing up of gals & guyz in class.
Due to the lack of words & time & space, we are finally coming to an end of this Confidential Data.
Thanking You
Yours faithfully

"Organized Chaos"