With the past few days being very tiring in college, after coming home, I have not been nudging from the corner of my bed.

Though only I have to be blamed for tiring myself, but what to do? Forget Tuesdays and Wednesdays, when I have my labs, but the other days, I get lured by seeing my friends playing Cricket, and spring into action as if I have been coiled (like a spring of course) for a long time, and now it's my time to BOING!!! Surprisingly, I have improved in Cricket, both batting and bowling.

I thought only I was the one in the lot who was feeling tired so much by doing less work, but few of my friends, whom I don't wish to name (else the next 3-4 years would be very risky for me) are also suffering the same


I don't know what the days in future have in stock for me, but one thing is for sure, with the mercury rising steadily in Bangalore, I am sure to get more and more tired than ever before.

That's it for my bio-update :P , signing off...